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Artificial Intelligence



We explain. We assess. We improve.


We help you act ethically and responsibly in your design, development, and use of artificial intelligence. We offer ethical AI certifications, assessments, and action plans to achieve responsible and trustworthy AI.


We invest in people.

We are upskilling and cross-skilling people to become Ethical AI Professionals with the skills and resources to work ethically and responsibly alongside AI.



We are your trusted advisor.

We stay current on global guidelines for ethical artificial intelligence in all major sectors so we can bring the latest and most relevant guidance for your organization.


Sarah Alt

Founder & CEO

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With over 20 years of bringing technology to organizations, Sarah continues her mission for a more explainable future. She holds an MBA in global management and is a certified inclusive leadership professional. Sarah has contributed to ethical guidelines and standards currently in development with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, European Commission’s AI Alliance, and the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.

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